Rangy barbarian.

Attributes Level
Agility 8
Beauty 4
Build 7
Essence 4
Intuition 5
Might 7
Presence 5
Reason 3
Vitality 7
Will 10
Skills VA Talent Level
Athletics WLL 4 5
Fieldcraft ITU 0 2
Manuever ITU 0 4
Melee Arms WLL 4 6
Military Arts PRS 0 2
Persuasion PRS 0 1
Statecraft PRS 0 1
Stewardship PRS 0 1
Specialties Level Total
Bladed Weapons 2 8
Evasion 1 5
Running 1 8

Masteries: Split Strike

Language(s): Knodhian

Unusual Trait: Hears Supersonic Sounds


Pallig was the adopted son of a Knodhi weapons master. As a child, he was apprenticed as a Castellan and during such he witnessed a significant political crime. This left him with a distaste for politics.

Pallig does as we wishes, hiring himself out as a mercenary. He is a fearsome fighter, as he is a lightly armored fighter that uses a bastard sword he keeps slung over his right shoulder. He stands taller than most, but maintains a rangy build and keeps his hair short. He is fairly reactive, preferring to use intimidation and force when people do not cooperate.

Pallig’s reputation is well known locally, which has earned him platoon leader at a young age in defense of Knodhi.


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