Solid Wall of Bronze


Tenaius is a current member of the elite guard of King Themarodes known as the Shields of Thasos.

Attributes Level Modifier
Agility 6 0
Beauty 5 0
Build 7 +1
Might 7 +1
Vitality 6 0
Essence 5 0
Intuition 7 +1
Presence 4 -1
Reason 5 0
Will 7 +1
Skills Level Total
Athletics 1 1
Maneuver 5 5
Melee Arms 8 8
Military Arts 1 1
Perception 5 5
Specialties Level Total
Shielding 3 11(+2 more with current shield)
Detection 2 7
Reaction Speed 2 7

The earliest memories Tenaius can recall consist of running through the streets of Thasos surviving on what he could get his hands on. Tenaius Lived his childhood day by day only striving to survive in the lower slums of Thasos. It was his skill at conning passersby into sharing food and clothing that caught the eye of a local pimp, Daexios. The pimp had offered to take Tenaius under his wing and gave him the name Tenaius. With hopes of a more constant and stable lifestyle Tenaius readily agreed to the offer and helped Daexios con men and women alike into dropping their guard around children, allowing the pimp to charm his way into profits.

Life seemed as if it would stay this way with Daexios until a time in Tenaius’ 14th year that he lost his childlike looks. This change could not have come at a worse time since Daexios had be losing a turf war with other pimps and underground groups within Thasos. In order to recoup some loses Daexios sold Tenaius into slavery as a kitchen drudge to a minor noble house within Thasos.

The years inside the kitchen were hot and tough on the growing Tenaius. He had witnessed harsh beatings against some of the simpler drudges due to ineptitude and the lack of understanding. Tenaius had to learn to obey orders to avoid the beatings. He also would learn to control his yearning for recognition as the overseers of the kitchen liked to claim all credit when compliments were given out. The times Tenaius spent in the kitchens would mold his spirit into one that sought no glory and would follow the orders of his superiors, even if it was just to get the daily meal.

After three years in the kitchen Tenaius’ life was given a stroke of good fortune. One of the exotic animals that his owner had been keeping managed to escape from its cell and headed straight to the alluring smells of the kitchen. Most of the kitchen staff and drudges shrieked in terror and fled to the safety of the front gates. Tenaius had remained. He felt as if the beast was after him and not the treasures of the kitchen. The beast seemed odd to Tenaius. It felt as if the beast was out of place. It was a sensation that Tenaius remembered from long ago. It was a feeling from even before his earliest memories of the streets. The uneasiness felt as though it was why he could never remember his parents’ faces.

Snapping back to the sound of claws on tiled floor, Tenaius reached for the closest object that could aid in his defense. What he grabbed was the lid of a giant stew pot that was sitting on the hearth. He brought his makeshift shield up in time to deflect the blow the beast had launched at his head. Tenaius needed to get away from the beast and sprinted towards the large table in the center of the room that was used for food preparation. The beast quickly caught up and swiped at Tenaius rending flesh from his right forearm. With the agility gained dodging the beatings Tenaius received for poor work in the kitchen, he vaulted over the table to increase the distance from his adversary. Tenaius needed a weapon if he was to survive this encounter. He searched frantically around his side of the table and grabbed at the nearest knife handle he saw. He turned back to the beast to witness a full scale lunge in his direction. Tenaius decided to trust in the pot lid shield rather than rely on the limited mobility afforded by the narrow spaces between the table and the wall. He stood his ground to withstand the attack of the beast’s vicious bite. The beast recoiled from the impact and lost its footing. Realizing the advantageous situation he was in, Tenaius sprang for the beast’s throat with a slash bolstered by the strength of primal instinct.

The guards and master of the house entered the kitchen to witness a single man dressed in rags, his pale gray eyes staring down the crumpled corpse of a large beast in a state of blood lust. The guards were clearly shocked at the state of the kitchen as well as a lowly kitchen slave being able to defeat any manner of foe let alone an exotic beast that had been imported simply because of its ferocity. Tenaius’ owner, while lamenting at the loss of his prized animal realized that he had found something better, a competent man capable of surviving and serving as an arm of the king. As a recruitment officer for the Thasoan military, Tenaius’ master had decided that this drudge could be put to better use serving in the military.

Tenaius was sent as a free man into the training facilities of the Thasoan Military Academies. Tenaius quickly showed his mettle when the instructors were drilling formations and rigid military doctrine into every new recruit. Many of the men who had been in his group had cringed and shuddered under the careful eye of instructors. Tenaius stood still and received any verbal assault with a grain of salt, ignoring them to the point the instructors would grow hoarse and give up. It was the need to follow instructions that he learned within the kitchens that afforded Tenaius with the ability to follow the insane orders his instructors always seemed to give. Due to his ability to withstand the mental abuse of the instructors and the willingness to follow orders the instructors at the military academy selected Tenaius to be put into the elite group of trainees that would become the next unit within the Shields of Thasos.


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