Welcome to Riftgate!

This is a dark, gritty campaign set in the primeval world of Kinadh. It uses the Epic RPG system and as such, combat is deadly, magic is rare. Character advancement is directly tied to the campaign setting, providing a rich cultural context for each character’s unique abilities.

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Live Video Stream
This feature is now only in use sporadically, Gametable has replaced this.

Riftgate is on hiatus indefinitely, until Act II has been prepared.

Note: the adventure log has been updated to reflect the current status of the game. Please fill in or correct any details. Also feel free to fix any broken links you encounter.

The current party:

  • Atomus A user of elemental magics who denies he is a sorcerer.
  • Balthius A Magi focused on divination.
  • Linnaeus A Sage with a love of shenanigens.
  • Pello A Ripodhan healer with an insatiable curiosity.
  • Tenaius A solid dependable soldier.
  • Pallig A rough looking soldier with a love of ale, gambling and women.

Retired party:

  • Bleddyn A nomadic horse archer with a flair for acrobatics. When the party found itself suddenly in the far South, he was left behind. Has since moved on to greener pastures.
  • Kanza Dakehl’Murag A warrior from the western swamps covered in a thick armour of scars. He too was left behind when the party found itself suddenly in the far South. Has since wandered off to find new challenges.
  • Voxis A masked assassin with a strange code of honour. He fled the party with the stolen Riftgate in the South. Whereabouts unknown.