The Ripodhan Order

The Ajani scholar Ripodhus was fascinated with understanding the natural world. He was also frustrated with his colleagues’ approach to the practice of medicine. He found their methods poorly reasoned, and unpredictable. Throughout his life, he conducted a series of examinations and recorded observations. Among his accomplishments was the cataloging of nearly every type of herb growing in Ulm, and its effects. He eventually applied this knowledge to a wide variety of subjects, ranging from the arcane practices to military science. As his success grew, he came into favor with Sul-Ajan, and was provided a personal Laboratorium at Odhioch. Long after Sul-Ajan, Odhioch, the Laboratorium, and Ripodhus were gone, his followers continue his tradition.

“The Order” are a collection of physicians and scholars spread throughout Ulm. They bear no obvious indications of their trade, as they maintain only a loose affiliation. However, they all adhere to basic principles set forth byRipodhus.


Dominion, Fieldcraft, Medicine, Philtrology, Lore

Secret Masteries and Grandmasteries

Master Physician (Lore (primitive science) mastery): Through careful study of herbs and human anatomy the character has become an exceptional healer. Medicine (healing) now does +3 LP PDL.

Codices of Ripodhus (Lore (primitive science) grandmastery): The character has become entrusted with generations old knowledge of ingredients in Ulm. The characters Lore skill may be added to any Fieldcraft roll to find ingredients.

The Ripodhan Order

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