The Magi of Akkadhus

Formerly advisers to the Kings of the Ajani Dynasty, the Magi are now scattered and decentralized; their great Observatorium abandoned. Lacking an official organization has not kept them from meddling in political affairs. Behind the throne of every powerful ruler in Ulm resides a Magus of Akkadhus.


Wizardry, Dominion (2), Statecraft, Lore or Theology, Theurgy

The Magi posses access to the Starlight specialty of Theurgy.

Secret Masteries and Grandmasteries

Astrologue(Statecraft(governing) mastery): If able to observe the stars before or during the casting of a Divination or Starlight variant, the character may add his Lore (primitve science) or Theology (philosophy) level to the roll. This is limited to matters concerning the state.

Magus (Statecraft (governing) grandmastery): The character is given the Title of Magus and becomes the most trusted adviser to the King. He is given one of the Staves of Provenance, a symbol of his position as well as a quintessence doubler.

The Magi of Akkadhus

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