The Black Hand


A small group of deadly assassins working in Ulm. It is rumored that their services can be sold out to the highest bidder. Some speculate that the recent political rumblings in eastern Ulm have been manufactured by the Hand for profit.


Stealth, Fieldcraft, Perception, Thiefcraft, Melee or Ranged arms

Secret Masteries and Grandmasteries

The Vanishing (perception(detection) mastery): Through misdirection and simple optical illusion the assassin can disappear by moving behind observers or objects. In game terms, this is a stealth(hiding) action at formidable difficulty (20), without being required to roll.

The Black Sight (perception(detection) grandmastery): This grandmastery grants the character the title of Black Blade and provides a +2 on critical attack table damage and injury rolls. (See Game Manual, Chapter 5 – Rules of Play)

The Black Hand

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