Swiftriders of Sarmatae

History The Sarmatae learn to ride horses from an early age. It seems they spend more time on horseback than on foot. The Swiftriders serve as the scouts and protectors of the Sarmataen people. They are somehow able to perform feats of agility from horseback that most others would find difficult on solid ground. The Swiftriders are not openly friendly toward outsiders, but they have been known to accept foreigners among their ranks. This usually involves a complete conversion of the outsider to the Sarmataen way of life.


Animal Handling, Melee or Ranged Arms, Maneuvering, Clothier, Athletics

Secret Masteries and Grandmasteries

Swift as the Wind_athletics(acrobatics) mastery)_: The character earns the title of Swiftrider and no longer needs any apparatus to control their mount (this can be achieved with arms, legs or voice). He receives an additional +5 to acrobatic maneuvers performed from horseback (standing, hanging underneath, and the like).

As One_athletics(acrobatics) grandmastery)_: The rider and his mount achieve a somatic understanding so deep that the speed and specificity of communication allows one extra action (one total in tandem) per turn in tactical situations. Outside of combat, this understanding functions as the animal handling mastery subtle command.

Swiftriders of Sarmatae

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