Shields of Thasos


The rise of Thasos to prominence in the years following the Succession War is rightfully credited to the disciplined and well organized Shields. Their willingness to place duty above personal needs verges on religious fervor. To allow an ally to fall under the shadow of their shields is considered worse than death. They are trained in unique heavy infantry tactics, and the core of the Thasoan army is built around them. It is no surprise that they serve as personal guards to King Themarodes. Only right-handed men are considered for this position.


Manuevering, Melee Arms, Military Arts, Statecraft, Perception

Secret Masteries and Grandmasteries

The Shield Guard (perception(detection mastery): The character has mastered an awareness of his surroundings, even in the din of battle. He gains an extra action at any time to defend an ally to his left with his shield.

The Sentinal (perception(detection)grandmastery): The title of Sentinel is granted and the character becomes a member of the King’s court, entering the King’s advisory council. He also gains access to a counter-attack each time he makes a successful shield block.

Shields of Thasos

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