Sarmataen Story Singer

The Story Singers represent the very soul of Sarmataen culture. Nomads among a nomadic people, the singers will often wander alone across the Steppe, sharing their unique musical tales with one tribe after another. They are also experts on the Sarmataen creation myth, and are considered spiritual leaders. Some will even wander beyond the Steppe, and their appearance is often welcomed in foreign lands. It is not uncommon for a Singer in his prime to take on an apprentice, who will replace him and carry on The Song after he has left the world.


Performance, Animal Handling, Perception, Theology, Maneuvering

Secret Masteries and Grandmasteries

God’s Story(performance(music) mastery): The Story Singer can use her extensive knowledge of Sarmataen myth and story to inspire comrades to +1 to all rolls for 1 hour PDL after a successful performance(music) roll.

God’s Tongue(performance(music) grandmastery): This grandmastery grants the nomadic priest the title of God’s Tongue. In addition the character’s PRS or ITU is raised by 2 levels (not past 10)

Sarmataen Story Singer

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