Sages of the Knodhian School


The philosophers and scholars of the Knodhian School have been established in the city of Knodhi since before the fall of the Ajani Dynasty. Knothian sages are notorious for their indifference to local politics. While they will sometimes perform minor services to the Knothian kings, they rarely venture far from their Librarium. It is rumored that they will pay dearly for bits of obscure knowledge, and that some have even bartered with Elves and Demons to that end. However, it is likely to remain a rumor, since none but the Knothan sages may access the lower levels of the Librarium.


Wizardry, Dominion (2), Linguistics, Lore, Theurgy or Philtrology

Secret Masteries and Grandmasteries

Lira Obscurus (lore(history) mastery): The title of Sage is granted. This mastery allows the sage to become extremely good at sagely research. When a successful lore skill roll is made, the player can ask the GM 2 questions of their choice that must be answered. These questions can only center around the topic researched. Even better, access to a library grants the answer of 4 questions.

Logica Sapius (lore(history) grandmastery): The title of Venerible Sage is granted. This mastery allows the sage to identify imbued items on sight. The sage will be aware of history, background, curses, etc. The sage will also gain a +3 on all dominion(resistance) rolls.

Sages of the Knodhian School

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