Operational Combat

There will come about battles in which the PCs are directly involved which are too large to be handled in Epic RPG combat, and yet too small to be handled by Epic RPG warfare.

To this end, a specialized set of circumstantial rules which allow the PCs to have more direct influence in small battles have been created:

Operational Combat Rules

PCs may form a “unit”

This unit has an attack equal to the average PCs attack roll

A defense equal to the average PCs defense roll

And a Damage equal to the average PCs damage roll divided by 10

This unit’s attack and defense values are divided by the number of times this unit is outnumbered

This unit is not likely to be attacked unless it is the only unbroken unit on the field

When this unit takes damage random PCs will make individual deffense rolls against individual attack rolls generated by the GM

Operational Combat

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