Murag, or the Scarred, are a specialized goup of Thain Sin located in the Phataen Marsh. It’s members disdain armor of all kinds, and wear only the lightest of clothes, if any. They live in relative solitude in the swamp for five years, visited only by their master. In that time, they ritually scar almost every inch of their body (except their face) with an acidic mixture they produce known as Lith, which builds up tough scarred tissue without infection. It is extremely painful. After a while, the process of daily acid is replaced with monthly acid rituals. Upon completion of the ritual, the new member is granted the name of Murag. Murag pride themselves in their ability to to master pain, whether it is giving or receiving.


Maneuvering, Melee Arms, Ranged Arms, Fieldcraft, +1LP

Secret Masteries

The Armor of Murag (fieldcraft(survival) mastery):Upon finishing the initial scarring ritual, the Murag has a natural PL of 5.

The Murag Stone (fieldcraft(survival) grandmastery):Continuing the rituals of scarring with Lith, the Murag increases natural PL to 10.


Riftgate Arturrian