Lord Marius

Satrap of Oretia and loyal vassal of King Themarodes, the Lord Marius was implicated in the murder of Epidhus the Magus. He has been cleared of charges and pardoned by the King, as Vettius was found to be the true culprit and a traitor to Thasos.

During his short exile, he was betrayed by a strange Elf and turned to stone in the Akkadhan Observatorium, but was saved by the odd party who were sent to find him. The Elf later turned out to be in service to Nesios, who are at war with his King.

After his name was cleared, he returned with honor to lead his forces to Themarodes’ aid in the battle at Knyrik. During the negotiations which occurred after the battle turned to a stalemate, in a surprise move he declared himself heir to the Ajani Throne, and then re-swore his allegiance to Themarodes. His claim cites good ancestry, and is believed valid. The Ardani now refuse to bear arms against him, though they will still fight other battles for their current employer, the king of Nesios, until their contract ends.

Lord Pelod of Ankh is one of his loyal vassals.

Lord Marius

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