Eyes of Thasos

The spies of the King of Thasos act as forward observers in the Thasoan army, often posing as soldiers in enemy forces long before attacks begin. This method of planting the Eyes also extends into the political realm, where they gain intelligence for their King.


Stealth, Perception, Melee or Ranged Arms, Statecraft, Thiefcraft

Secret Masteries and Grandmasteries

Disguise Mastery(thiefcraft(disguise)mastery):The character gains the title of Eye. The spy becomes so good at disguise that they can “become” nearly any type of humanoid. She can appear twice as tall, half as big, as the opposite sex, etc. Furthermore, she can appear convincingly as specific people. These feats require a disguise kit.

Detection Mastery(thiefcraft(disguise)mastery):Character gains the title of Master of Eyes. The spy gains a +5 on perception rolls.

Eyes of Thasos

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