A secret organization rumored to be the real power in Knodhi. The Council of Elders discredits any reports that the Bak’aran even exist, which only reinforces the rumors, and likely serves the purposes of the Bak’aran.


Arcane Arts, Commerce, Dominion (2), Statecraft, Elementalism

Secret Masteries and Grandmasteries

Marked One(Commerce(Appraisal) mastery):The character is branded with a magical symbol unique to the Bak’aran. Its arcane power pulsates when near powerful artifacts. The character is afforded a minor stipend, and gains access to the black market network in Ulm.

Lord of the Bak’aran(Commerce(Appraisal) mastery):The character gains medallion which allows them to find any nearby Bak’aran Lords, or them to find him. Also becomes entitled a share in the interests of the Bak’aran, and all the privileges this affords.


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