p. Ardan means bondsman, or servant. So it was when the fierce Ardani warriors first came into the service of Tuk-Ajan after his victory at Phaetis. In the long years since the fall of the Ajani Dynasty the Ardani have been all but forgotten. Yet they continue to train for the day when they might be called upon once more to use their berserk battle tactics, spreading fear and confusion in the ranks of their enemies.

The main force of the Ardani are currently refusing to bear arms against Lord Marius, the declared Ajani Heir, though they have not entered his service, as they are under contract elsewhere.

p. Athletics, Maneuvering, Melee Arms, Ranged Arms, +1LP

The Ardani do not wear armor in battle.

Secret Masteries and Grandmasteries
Battle Run(athletics(running) mastery):
The character’s wild combat style causes him to be “on guard” even while sprinting. Character may run full speed and may take actions as normal on the following round.

Wild Frenzy(athletics(running) grandmastery):
The character has become able to enter a wild beast-like frenzy, ignoring pain and hindrance. If the character runs full speed ending his turn in range of enemy weapons the character becomes immune to stuns, unconsciousness, and injury levels for the duration of the battle. His LP are also multiplied by a factor of 5. The player may not know how much damage their character has taken while this ability is active.


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