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  • King Themarodes

    A wise ruler, Themarodes has led his nation through two major battles, both of which increased [[Thasos]]' prominence in the region. Where others in his position might seek claim to the [[Ajani]] throne, he has carefully solidified power without bringing …

  • Vettius

    Successor to Magus Epidhus, the advisor to [[King Themarodes]]. Vettius was found to be a traitor involved in a plot on the King's life, and was killed by the King's own hand in a surprisingly public counter-coup.

  • Xedhaios

    Xedhaios was a powerful elf, widely considered to be responsible for the events leading up to the [[Banishment]]. The specific details of his involvement remain unclear to those outside of [[Skyrdh]].

  • Tuk-Ajan

    Tuk-Ajan was the first King of the [[Ajani Dynasty]]. He is known for his innovative use of Heavy [[Carrudhi]], and his fierce Ardani vanguard among other things.

  • Kudh-Ajan

    The last King of the [[Ajani Dynasty]]. He led an invading army into [[Rhadha’Un]] and was never seen again.

  • Archineos

    An ancient [[Elf]] who had something to do with [[Xedhaios]]. Very little is known about him, as several stories do not specify his involvement, while others are contradictory.

  • Lord Marius

    Satrap of [[Oretia]] and loyal vassal of [[King Themarodes]], the Lord Marius was implicated in the murder of [[Epidhus]] the Magus. He has been cleared of charges and pardoned by the King, as [[Vettius]] was found to be the true culprit and a traitor to …

  • Craytios

    Has long guarded the Riftgate. Recently lost his only son to the machinations of [[Xedhaios]].

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