A disagreeable, perfidious wizard, with a disconcerting fondness for his hare familiar.


career: wizard
guild: Sages of the Knodhian School
social class: upper
family occupation: military lord
apprenticed: scholar
disposition: liberated
morals: deceitful
motivations: challenge or excitement
gender: male

attributes lv mod
agility 5 0
beauty 7 +1
build 4 -1
essence 10 +4
intuition 7 +1
might 2 -3
presence 5 +0
reason 7 +1
vitality 5 0
will 5 0
skills VA tal lv
statecraft PRS 2 1
military arts PRS 2 1
science RSN 2 1
linguistics RSN 2 2
lore RSN 2 5
wizardry RSN 2 5
dominion ESS 6 10
theurgy RSN 2 5
philtrology RSN 2 1
maneuver / 3
specialties lv
dominion: QP 4
lore 2
perception 2
theurgy: channeling 2
wizardry 2
libra obscurus
dominion: MD reason
dominion: MP reason
perception: lip reading
theurgy: channeling mastery
quick study
saved xp 0
total QP
spells cost
channel of dark aura 1
aura of warding 1
see the nature of arcana 1
conjure the coin purse 1
convocation of vegetables 1
evoke familiar kind 1
evoke the familiar lost 1
evoke the familiar sense 2
conjure the handy tool 2
summon the hollowing wind 2
hex of empathy 2
absorb unblinking stun 1
the dream words 2
conduit of dark aura 4
the familiar martyr 3
ajani +2
elven +2
sarmataen +1
knodhian +1



linnaeus is a strange fellow; whether due to his lineage or unusual upbringing, who is to say. he is seldom seen without his familiar, a hare named lepus, and his prized possession, a cap. the cap, (upon his insistence) is a powerful artifact. all his spells seem to originate from within this “artifact”. frequently he will reach deep inside the cap, his entire arm disappearing in the process, and pull from its innards: beasts, energy rays, hares, minerals, vegetables, and other terrible things.

at a very young age (twenty-four) linnaeus was apprenticed to a sage of the Knodian School. he spent his adolescence at the librarium amassing knowledge and causing mischief (an unfortunate combination). now fifty, though still juvenile by the standards of his race1, linnaeus is still treated as an apprentice by the sages.

one day while linnaeus was studying, a messenger from the Council of Elders was sent to his master to fetch a sage of the school for aid. his master, chafed by the request, sent linnaeus in his place. linnaeus was given a tome to assist him in paying the part and sent to the Atrium. the Atrium was empty and there was a obvious commotion in the city centered around the gate. linnaeus found the Council of Elders on the wall. there was an army outside the city.

child hood event:
linnaeus’ mother was the daughter of a noble military lord. his father was a elf who who disappeared before his memory. talking about his father was taboo as such conversation made his mother’s suitor uncomfortable. in fact linnaeus’ existence seemed to make the man uncomfortable; so it was very convenient when linnaeus was kidnapped from his bed, and sold to a traveling merchant.
apprenticeship event:
he has developed a taste for the unusual.

1 as a half elf linnaeus ages at one third the rate of a full human.


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