Kanza Dakehl'Murag

A drifter looking for challenge in a warring world.



Kanza is a 6’1”, 22 year old warrior whose body is covered in scars. His face also has a scar on the cheek, and when asked about it, he will not answer. He is of an average build, and most of his strength appears to be in his legs. His only clothing is a plain looking Toga-like cloth, wrapped around his waist by a cord of leather. He wears no armor, as it would only get in the way.


  • Profession: Murag
  • Apprenticeship: Animal Tamer
  • Social Class: Tribal Middle
  • Disposition: Introverted, Reactive
  • Morals: Virtuous
  • Motivation: Challenge
  • Special Trait: Meek (-1 PRS)
VA Level Mod
Agility 7 +1
Beauty 4 -1
Build 6 +0
Essence 3 -2
Intuition 9 +3
Might 6 +0
Presence 4 -1
Reason 5 +0
Vitality 9 +3
Will 6 +0
Skill Talent Level Total
Animal Handling +5 +1 +1
Athletics +2 +1 +2
Commerce +0 +1 +0
Craftsman +2 +1 +1
Fieldcraft +5 +5 +5
Lore +1 +1 +1
Maneuvering +4 +5 +5
Melee Arms +2 +1 +1
Perception +4 +0 +0
Ranged Arms +4 +1 +1
Stealth +4 +0 +0
Specialty - Level Total
Fieldcraft (Survival) - +2 +7
Maneuvering (Evasion) - +2 +7
Mastery Affect
Body Development +1 Vitality
Evasive Posture +1 Extra Evasion
The Armor of Murag +1 Natural PL
Grand Mastery Affect
None None
Language Skill
Phaetan +1
Ajani +1

Total exp: 20
Saved exp: 0



Kanza Dakehl’Murag, the warrior from the Phaetan Marsh, was born a member of builders. As a small child, his life was great. His father, Lumbee, would teach Kanza and his brothers the family trade during the day, and his mother, Lenape, would play with them at night. However, when he was six years old, his mother came down with an illness, and the local shamans said that it was fatal. After learning this, Lumbee would beat daily Kanza in his sadness.

In order to avoid the daily beatings, Kanza would visit his uncle, Dene’e, his only other family. On his seventh birthday when he visited Dene’e, he was given an animal prod. Dene’e had decided it would be a good time to teach Kanza about the Shimra he was so interested in. Upon returning home that evening, Kanza found his father sitting over the corpses of his mother and brothers with a bloody knife. In a fit of rage, tears running down his face, Kanza ran towards his father with the animal prod he had been given and hit his father in the back of the head. Phazed by the blow, Lumbee fell atop the knife he was holding and died.

Worried after Kanza had not visited in several days, Dene’e went to their hut. When he arrived, he walked in to find Kanza crying in a corner and Kanza’s mother and father lying dead on top of each other. When asked what was wrong, Kanza tried to run past Dene’e out the door, but was stopped when his uncle grabbed his hand. He proceeded to to struggle to get away, but eventually settled down and cried in his uncle’s arms. Kanza’s uncle took him in as his own son, but Kanza still did not speak for three more years.

At the age of thirteen, Kanza began to apprentice Dene’e as an animal tamer, and at the age of sixteen, he was adopted as a Murag and began his training. When Kanza began the ritual of scarring through soaking in Lith, he did not scream in pain like the new Murag always do. To him, this pain was nothing compared to the pain of losing his mother and accidentally killing his father with his own hands. Upon noticing this, Kanza’s master, Odawa, took special interest in him. Kanza was pushed harder than most of the other Murag, and he held some resentment towards his master for this.

At the age of eighteen, Kanza was sent out by his master to live for a year on his own inside of the marsh. During this training, Kanza learned many survival techniques and gained the speed that would he needed to chase down his game. He learned to love the thrill of the hunt, and the more dangerous the game, the more excited he got.

Upon returning to his tribe, however, Kanza was accepted with contemptual eyes. He returned to his uncle’s hut, only to find that it was burnt to the ground. He tried to ask other members of his tribe, but none of them would talk to him. They would all scream about a curse and run. The only person who would speak to him was Odawa. He was told that while he was away, his uncle’s hut caught fire. His uncle had not survived, and a rumor got spread that Kanza was cursed, and that anyone who got involved with him would die horribly. Odawa told Kanza that there was no more place for him here, and after trying to live there for another year, Kanza decided that his master’s statement was true and left the tribe. It was at this time that Kanza became a drifter, a mercenary that would only accept jobs he thought meaningful, regardless of pay, looking for the rush of adrenaline.

Present campaign, as seen through the eyes of Kanza


Having traveled most of northern Ulm, from the peaceful cities of Oretia to the warring states of Thasos and Nesios, Kanza finds himself travelling to Knodhi to complete a request for a local alchemist. After being in the city looking for work for four days, there is some commotion in the city. Curious, Kanza moves towards the center of the crowds, without much effort, as they seem to give him a wide girth after seeing his scarred body.


After waiting for seemingly hours, the crowd seems to stir as seven men, four armored men bearing weapons, two sagely figures, and a noble looking man, possibly royalty, approach. The noble man begins to speak to a half elf, strange creatures, about alliances and the war between Thasos and Nesios.

As the noble character speaks, suddenly a shadowy figure that Kanza had not noticed stabs the noble straight through the chest and starts to run away. Kanza makes to pursue the man, but stops after dark energy flies from the fingers of one of the sages, knocking the fleeing man down. The guards sieze the character where he fell.

One of the guards asks for assistance with the wounded noble, and a man from the crowd speaks up, shouting that he is a physician. After a few moments, however, the man announces that there is nothing he can do as the man was stabbed through the heart.

The sagely man that threw the dark energy approaches the prisoner for questioning, but is slain where he stands by one of the guards. This man removes his helmet and announces that he is King Themarodes! The self-proclaimed king motions towards Kanza and three others to follow him towards his camp. Kanza and the others do as they are asked.

Upon leaving the city gates, Themarodes halts to ask the masked assassin some questions. The masked man is at first uncooperative, but when offered the possibility of surviving, the man answers. His name is Voxis, and he was attempting to take the king’s life. He mentions that he was working with Vettius, a name of which Kanza has no recollection.

The king then asks for the opinion of Kanza and the others. Kanza thinks to himself, “An attempt has been made on your life. Your course of action should be obvious.” The half elf speaks up, offering that the man should be put to death. Kanza nods in affirmation. The so-called king, however, does not agree. He mentions that taking a life should not be taken lightly, which, in Kanza’s opinion, is why this man’s life should not be spared.

The king offers that the problems he has been having have been the doing of the man called Vettius. He asks that the other sagely figure search for Marius in Akkadhus. The half elf offers his assistance, and the sagely figure looks at the others. Kanza offers his assistance with a nod, smelling battle and adventure. The doctor then seems to accept with a bit too much enthusiasm.

Themarodes tells the sagely character, whom he names as Balthius, to sentence Voxis. The group then discusses his fate, and as Kanza finds out he will be joining them, he says with disgust, “So long as he is not to my back.”

Balthius offers to purchase horses for the group; however, Kanza refuses, noting that he will be able to keep pace by foot. After preparing for the journey, Kanza and the others set out for Ankh, a city of Oretia.

Kanza leads the group as they travel towards the Southeast. As the first day progresses, introductions are made. The half elf introduces himself as Linnaeus, or Linn as he prefers to to be called, as colorful sparks of energy fly from his hat. Balthius bows and offers that his name is Balthius, Magi of Akkadhus and advisor to King Themarodes. The physician offers sheepishly that his name is Pello and that he specializes in herbs and medicines. Kanza speaks that his name is Kanza Murag, of family Dakehl, warrior. Voxis speaks that his name is Voxis of the Black Hand and that he is destined for death because of his failure.

Confused, the rider leans next to Linn and speaks an unknown language. The rider announces his name, and Linn translates, “My name is Bleddyn, High Warlord of the Sarmatae.”

At nightfall the group stops to rest, and Pello asks Kanza about his scars. Kanza replies, “If you are truly curious, I will show you in eight days.” Pello seems interested, and Kanza laughs.

Travel goes without incedent until the third day. The group encounters a group of armed men and is attacked. The attackers go down without much effort, but a few run from battle. Kanza chases them down and kills them as the others shout something that is lost in the moment. Upon returning and being confronted by the others, Kanza mentions that running from battle is dishonorable.

After resting for the night, the group continues on their way towards Ankh.


The fourth day of travel goes without incident. Towards the evening of the fifth day, the group encounters an assaulted caravan. Kanza notes to himself that this was done by a giant beast. Many of the people have been gored by horns, and the carts look to have been destroyed by some large bludgeoning object. It also looks like many of the victims retreated, not sticking with each other. The group loots some useful objects, such as potions and weapons, from the carts. Linn tries to loot the corpses, but Kanza stops him, stating, “It is not proper to steal from the dead.”

Upon continuing further, the group encounters another man, which Kanza notes to himself must have been attacked by the same beast from earlier. Pello checks the man to see if he is still alive, but he is not.

As Pello is checking for a pulse, Voxis tries to loot the corpse. Pello catches him and speaks up. Kanza then moves to stop Voxis, but he jumps away before Kanza can get his hands on him. Kanza points at Voxis and says, “Respect the dead, or you may be joining them.”

The group continues on their way towards Ankh without incident, and they arrive at midday on the sixth day of travel. Balthius goes to visit his brother as the others sell the spoils. Kanza and Bleddyn sell the weapons. After selling the spoils, the group starts divying the money. Kanza collects his 53 silver pieces.

Balthius returns at this time to tell everyone about his talk with his brother. Apparently there has been a beast attacking caravans and farms along the road to town. From what Balthius was able to gather from his brother, it seems that the creature is large and covered in horns. He mentions that he has volunteered the group to help in order to get more information about their quest.

The group rests for two days. During this time, Balthius gathers more information about the beast by talking to survivors. He returns stating that it is possibly a lesser dragon. Kanza asks the group if they can delay departure for one more day, as it is time for him to perform his ritual scarring. The group agrees, and Pello is excited and follows.

Kanza prepares the lith as Pello watches. He is very interested and asks questions about the process of preparation, but Kanza does not answer them, as this is a secret to the Murag. Once he is done, he begins applying it to his body and asks Pello if he would like to try it. Pello sticks his fingers in the mixture and yells in pain, scrambling to get the concoction off his fingers. They are slightly burned. Kanza laughs.

On the next day, the group departs with eight other men. Kanza leads the pack through the path of destruction towards the creature.

As the group approaches a specific farm, the farmhouse splinters to the ground, and a large beast emerges. Its body is covered in horns, and it has a huge ball attached to its tail. This is no doubt the creature that attacked the caravan. Kanza gets excited and falls in line with the soldiers.

The creature charges the group of soldiers and Kanza, but luckily, the soldiers have readied their spears against a charge. Kanza leaps to the side and attacks the creature with his axe. Linn shoots out dark energy from his hands. As the dust clears, the creature is dead, but many of the soldiers are injured, one of them critically, and one of them has a broken leg. Pello creates a splint for the man with a broken leg and gives the critically wounded man an Elixer of Healing.

The group removes the creature’s tail bone and drags it to town by way of horses. Kanza offers to carry one of the injured men, but the group insists that the horses can take care of it.

The group arrives in town, and Balthius goes to visit his brother as the others find a physician for the injured men. The physician is given a sample of dragon bone for watching after the injured men. More bone is sold for profit, and it is divided among the party, as well as the soldiers, and Kanza gains 23 silver pieces.

Pello keeps some of the remaining bone, and the rest is placed in storage to be used in an emergency.


Kanza Dakehl'Murag

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