[18:54:22] >> table{border:1px solid black}.
Attributes Level Modifier
Agility 6 0
Beauty 6 0
Build 6 0
Might 6 0
Vitality 6 0
Essence 8 +2
Intuition 8 +2
Presence 9 +3
Reason 5 0
Will 6 0

Racial Traits +1 to Persuasion and Statecraft Unusual Traits: Fast Healer Age 22 height 6’2” weight 180 Male Eyes: Amber Hair:Brown Disposition: Reactive Morals: Virtuous Motivations: Patriotic

PL 5 LP 4 QP 9 Leather Greaves PL 1 Wt 3 Leather Braces PL 2 Wt 3 Robes PL2 Wt1 Weight Limit 12

[18:54:22] >> table{border:1px solid black}.
Faculties Level Total
Sorcery 6
Commerce 5
Dominion 5
Maneuver 3
MilitaryArts 2
Statecraft 5
Persuasion 8
Theology 1
Elementalism 5
[18:54:22] >> table{border:1px solid black}.
Specialties Level
Persuasion 3
Elementalism Storm 2
Sorcery var 2
Dominion 2
Statecraft Gov 2
Commerce 2


Element Storm – 1 QP variants have no cost Sorcery – Epiphany +5 Variants Dominion -QP Mind VA +1 (Presence) State Craft – Governing Retainers(20) Commerce – Appraisal (Marked One) Persuasion – Governing Mind VA +1 (Presence)


Pack Candles Flint/tinder Cloak/Garments Metal Emblem/chain Ceremonial Dagger

Known Variants:

Minor Touch of Lightning Specialty: Storm Duration: Instant Target Area: 1 person/object/hex Defense: Dominion (Resistance) Cost: 1 Range: 2 Effect: 3d5 damage +1d5 per PDL, no PL reduction. Target loses 1 speed next round.

Sparking Nova Specialty: Storm Duration: Instant Target Area: 5 + PDL radius around caster Defense: Dominion (Resistance) Cost: 3 Range: 0 Effect: 2d10 damage to all characters in the radius, except the caster, no PL reduction. The caster may go into negative QP to cast this spell but it will regenerate at half the rate.

1 Minor touch of lightning 6 Fire Wall (standard) 3 Ice Wall (Minor) 3 Earth Armor 7 Epic Earth Armor 8 Greater Blaze 4 Bend like a Reed 5 Float on Wind 10 Wind Emblem 10 Step in Wind 5 Powerful Grenade


Atomus – Knodthian Lord – Active member of underworld organization

Atomus- seems a bit power driven, but for goals greater than himself

Born to the High end of nobles / Low end Royalty, Atomus is a tall well dressed individual with secret ties to a Knodthian underworld organization. He gained much notice and prestige in the order, when he intentionally instigated an argument with a senior member, who had out lived his purpose and whose views had started to diverge with the rest of the ruling body. The senior member was coaxed into becoming violent and Atomus swiftly struck him down with powerful abilities (which he claims are inherited from his noble ancestors and past down from generation to generation, though not widely talked about. He fiercely denies claims that it is some kind of sorcery). Shortly after the event the law demanded that he raise the child that he unknowingly orphaned, though no one faulted him for the killing. In fact, many members of the organization praised his swift removal of what had become an obstruction to the group’s goals. The child was too young to remember the event and after a few years Atomus became more busy with the organization’s business and placed most of the child’s care on the shoulders of a sibling of his. As a child Atomus had a near death event that left him with a strange value of his own and the lives of others. He Believes it was fate he survived, and that it is the time of those who oppose him. He also believes he is intended for a special purpose for as long as he lives.


Riftgate Atomus