Session 13

In which supplies become disrupted

After the defeat of the Nessian forces at the second battle of Kniryk, the party, and King Themarodes, must decide on a course of action. After a long discussion of their options, it is decided that the army will attack the Nessian forces which are about to begin besieging Knodhi. Once the Nessian main force is attacked from behind, the defenders of Knodhi would be able to sally forth and by attacking from both sides, break the Nessian army, and hopefully secure a firm alliance between Thasos and Knodhi. The question is whether or not the defenders can hold out long enough for Themarodes’ army to make the long march to Knodhi. To that end the party, and a few extra spearmen, will go in advance of the army, and enter by a secret gate known to Atomus. From there they can let the city know that they have hope if they just hold out, and even add their few spears and spells to the city’s defenses. They can also reach the Riftgate faster this way. They take their horses they left at Kniryk, as well as the ones they rode from Ahnk, and are able to mount 4 more light spearmen. They head out at a quick pace, keeping a careful watch and wards about them.

On the forth day they discover a supply caravan heading along the river side to help feed the besieging army. At Balthius’ urging, they move ahead to find a good ambush point. Tenaius and two of the spearmen dismount and hide behind a low rise about 8 yards east of the trail, while the rest of of the group hides in the large thicket about 12 yards east of the trail on horse back. There are twenty soldiers guarding four supply wagons. Two mounted, four with throwing spears, and the rest light spearmen. When the wagons get to the ambush point Atomus creates a mighty wall of fire, right down the middle of the column. The supplies go up in flames, and the horses pulling them are panicked and burned. As the disoriented guards look around shock, the first wagon bolts to the North, crushing a guard. The fourth wagon spins about and bolts to the South-West, scattering other guards. The second wagon spins about crushing 2 more, and scattering others. The third wagon crashed into the second and flips on its side. The smoke is thick and the screams of the horses are deafening. Into this confusion the party springs out of ambush. A few of the guards fight back, but Tenaius and the soldiers manage to avoid injury while Atomus and Lin begin firing spells into the confusion. Tenaius unseats one of the horsemen with his spear, while Lin hits the other with a bolt of roiling dark energy so strong it leaves only a barely recognizable corpse, and kills even the horse beneath him. Before the guards have a chance regroup and form any real resistance, Balthius summons a field of burning candles across the ground around the whole area where they stood. Though they are harmless, through the smoke the guards can only see that they are surrounded by more flames, and so what little resistance remained melts away like so much wax. It’s all over in seconds. The party killed a few as they fled past, and rode down a few others of the scattering guards, but near half of them escaped to tell the tale. Let them tell it. Let the Nessians pull men from the siege to guard their supplies.

The wagons continued to burn. The trapped horses continued to scream.


Great post! I appreciate the flavor.

Session 13

Don’t mind my update, just fixing a misspelling.

Session 13

Well, you’re always free to add more detail to you know.

Session 13

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