Session 11


Craytios waits until the stars are visible, and then draws from Pello’s pack one of the glowing crystals taken from the tower of the Magi.

He asks the party to join hands and holds up the crystal. They are teleported about a half mile north of Delos. They enter the city and rest at an Inn called the Emerald Dragon.

In the morning, using a ceramic bowl, Balthius finds that the man they seek has acquired a large, gleaming sword, and is outdoors, and wounded. He also seems to have traveled an impractical distance form where they saw him last. Balthius purchases the bowl, and the party sets out after the man with the Riftgate.

The next day they find that he has somehow moved an even greater distance. Watching closely with his scrying bowl, Balthius determines that the man they seek is near Knodhi, headed for the outlying town of Cerilia.

The party decide to travel to Ankh on their way to Knodhi. Along the road, approaching a rocky region, Tenaius spots some Grimmkin waiting in ambush. There seem to be a great many of them. The consensus is to send Atomus amongst them, shielded by Balthius’ protective wards, to use his powerful abilities to kill them or scare them off. Tenaius and Balthius take special pains to remain a safe distance away. Despite these efforts, Tenaius, who has jsut recovered from his previous burns is painfully scorched yet again. The Grimmkin flee in terror and the party continues to Ankh.



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