Riftgate Session 9

Party travels west for three days seeking familiar ground. They camp on the edge of a wood. A fire is made. Balthius casts “watchful eye”. Balthius, Tenaius, and Linnaeus awake at the approach of danger late into the night. They alert the others.

Tenaius spots a large creature moving quickly toward him. It dodges Tenaius’ strike and pushes past him. Linnaus gets out of its way. It leaps over the fire toward Balthius and Voxis intercepts it. They roll about on the ground and it shambles away, badly hurt.

It is vile to look upon. An unnaturally twisted ape, it leers menacingly, revealing a crude intellect. Tenaius thrusts his spear into its flank. It howls in pain and continues to run.

Atomus gives chase and unleashes a maelstrom of lightening. The creature collapses in a smoking, thrashing heap. Because Atomus has little control over his power, Tenaius is also badly burned.

A short time later three men approach. They have been chasing the creature. After inspecting its body they become very upset. When pressed as to why, one of them identifies himself as Craytios, he explains that his son was killed by this monster in the defense of something very important. He describes the thing as a small, dark stone, which has gone missing.

Suspicions rest on Voxis, who has become very quiet. Linnaeus causes a distraction and Voxis attempts to slip away, but Pello has a death-grip on his arm. Voxis is sly and forceful, he acts quickly, stunning Pello and making good his escape.



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