Riftgate Session 6 - 04.19.09

From the Perspective of Voxis.

It was late and I was greatly fatigued after battling the unrelenting hordes just hours earlier. The messy healer was busy denying the wounded a glorious death; perhaps I should have given it to them. I shook off this thought knowing that these dishonorable louts would not understand, and see my generosity as a criminal act.

I noticed that the bearded magician was busy speaking to this greatly respected nobleman. Everyone treats him as if he’s royalty. Whatever they were discussing was no concern of mine, so I decided my best course of action was to rest while I had the chance.

After what felt like seconds of peaceful rest, that damned healer starts making a commotion about spirits in the camp. Fortunately, for his sake, he had not lost his mental facilities, and there was indeed a transparent man sauntering westward. I noticed that the cowardly child magician had returned and also looked on with curiosity.

The bearded magician started discussing with the highly respected nobleman about what the spirits were and which actions to take. I’d had enough with everyone’s hesitance and readied myself to go after it. Before I was able to leave the camp two spirits returned from the north and engulfed the metal clad warriors in flame. What beautiful deaths! Hopefully their people will celebrate their intrepidity.

The bearded magician cast a spell and began gesturing northward in his conversation. I approached him and asked if he knew what was happening. He hastily gave me a explanation about things that didn’t make any sense, but told the direction of our enemies, which was all I wanted to know.

I slipped past the spirits, northward. As I did, the horseman took action. He drew his bow and made an impressive shot at the spirit nearest us. The spirit buckled a bit and grew dim while what was left of the metal clad warriors closed in on the other. Before any of the warriors could destroy the apparition they were stopped by an invisible wall undoubtedly conjured by the apparition itself.

I made it northward to where the bearded magician said our enemies where. There were a few guards on horses and two men lying on the ground. What a silly place to be amidst a battle, they would be the first to go.

As fast as I could run, I sped silently towards my target. I plunged my dagger into his side and he died quickly. Before I could remove my blade, that damned bearded magician conjured those candles again. Needless to say, the guards were not amused at the sight, but fortunately neither were the horses. They stirred up quite a commotion. The guards on the other hand were less frantic. One grabbed my second target and placed him on a horse. After the horse had sped off and the bow wielding horseman gave chase, the guards decided to reciprocate to my prior actions with a few decent thrashes. Fortunately for me, the rest of the metal clad warriors finished them off.

Soon after, the dejected horseman returned spinning stories about arrow deflecting capes and mind control. It’s undignified when one fails at their mission, but to give such unbelievable excuses is utterly disgusting. Luckily for me though, he was distracting everyone’s attention which allowed me to find some valuables in the satchel of the fallen before me. Unfortunately, I think that damned cowardly magician spotted my actions. I didn’t let him see what I had taken, but I know he’s going to be another major annoyance I’m going to have to deal with on this inconvenient trek.



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