Riftgate Session 10


Craytios turns out to be an Elf who has long protected what he calls the Riftgate. He believes he has failed. He insists that the Riftgate must be recovered at all costs.

The party is provided food and lodging at Craytios’ home. A pool of water in the courtyard allows Balthius to observe events. Voxis is seen dealing with a shady figure in Delos. The deal seems to go badly, since upon handing over the Riftgate he is attacked by animated skeletons.

The party want to leave quickly to reach Delos, but Craytios convinces them to wait until evening. Balthius continues to scry contiunusly until he is exausted. He observes as an a wild looking Ardani soldier identifies the man with whom Voxis dealt, runs him down and kills him for no apparent reason. Afterwards, he loots the body (and presumably, the Riftgate. This changes little as the party must still travel to Delos.



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